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What is the best type of fireplace log basket to choose for your home?

Whether you have a simple open fire with a small hearth, a lovely old inglenook fireplace, or you make use of a wood burning stove, you will find a log basket an invaluable home accessory.

Small two-tone dumpy willow wicker log wood fire basket - available from amazon.co.ukSmall Two Tone Dumpy Willow Wicker Log Wood Fire BasketWicker log baskets store and carry firewood and wood logs, and are usually positioned by or near to the fireplace. They keep the firewood organized and close at hand so that you don't have to venture outside to the woodpile each time you need more wood. Keeping them near to the fire also helps the logs dry out thoroughly. Wood logs burn much better if they are thoroughly dry and they also smoke less. Obviously they shouldn't be kept so close to the fire that a spark or burning ember could result in the stored logs catching fire.

Thus, these baskets also preserve the firewood until it is used, at the same time as collecting and holding any leaf and bark debris that always seems to come from the woodpile. Log baskets also lend a decorative element to the home. They're usually made of wood or wicker and willow, but today's contemporary designs are also found made from metal.

You can also find a wide selection of log baskets in different shapes, sizes and styles at amazon.co.uk. Some have a central handle others come with two side handles. Prices range from about fifteen to eighty pounds.

Here are the best types of firewood holders that are both stylish and functional:

Willow log baskets These baskets usually come in a natural colour that make them perfect for any area, especially a contemporary style home. The material is fine and the intertwined branches make the basket look classic and highly decorative.

Wicker log baskets Wicker baskets come in almost all earthy colours: brown, natural, light brown, gray and white. This is the most common type of basket. Wicker baskets appeal to so many people because they look artistic and the material is very strong.

Chimo metal log basket available from amazon.co.ukMetal log baskets For houses that use a lot of logs, metal log baskets can be ideal because they are very sturdy. This type of basket may come with fine finishing such as brass, silver and even black. These log baskets are perfect for a modern home. Chimo log baskets by Blomus are especially handsome but they are rather expensive.

Crib log baskets this type of basket got its name from the way it looks. It is like a traditional baby's crib that is enclosed halfway, so the logs don't fall out from either side. This fire log holder will make an unusual decorative item in any room as it won't look as if it's carrying firewood inside.

Rectangular Log Basket available from amazon.co.ukRectangular log baskets rectangular-shaped baskets are also very useful because they enable longer logs of wood to be carried and stored more easily, unlike the round-shaped ones that force you to position the wood standing up when there's no more space.

Reclaimed log baskets reclaimed log baskets are the prettiest among all the baskets. A reclaimed basket is curvy and it has a single handle. It's practically an open space so you can put any size of log in it. These baskets are beautifully designed and can stand alone as a decorative piece in the summer, when there is no need to place wood in it.

Whenever winter is on its way, or just when the weather gets pretty chilly, we all want to snuggle up by the fireside and get warm and cozy. But nowadays fireplaces are more than just something for warming. A fireplace can be very decorative and it is a big part of the home that can become a focus for the family to gather around. Even the wood that is to be burned is sometimes used for decorative reasons and the same applies to log baskets.

Log baskets and log racks are not just plain containers, they are well-made and well woven, and they also have different colors and kinds of finishing. Choosing a log basket for your home will depend on your home style and the space where the fireplace or wood stove is situated.

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